Answers to everything you want and need to know...

1. What is the shelf life of your products?

The shelf life of our products is between 12-18 months. Around this time is when the strength of the butters healing properties begins to subside. If your product begins to change colors please discard the product. To help your products it last longer it can be placed in a cool place like a refrigerator.

2. What kind of Shea Butter do you use?

Lotus By Alesia only uses 100% natural, raw and unrefined almond colored Shea Butter.

3. Are your products 100% organic?

All of our products are between 98%-100% natural. Our products that contain fragrance oils and preservatives cannot be considered 100% natural. Some products may contain ingredients that have been certified organic but the overall end product has not been certified as organic. 

4. Does your products contain any preservatives?

Yes, some Lotus By Alesia products to contain preservatives in order to enhance the shelf life of a product. We want to assure you that the preservative used is 100% safe and not harmful to the body at all.

5. Does your product cure any medical conditions?

Lotus By Alesia is in no way affiliated with the medical industry. Although, our products contain ingredients with natural healing properties please discuss your condition with a medical doctor.

6. My Soufflé no longer looks emulsified, now what?

To rectify this situation just beat your soufflé with a mixer on high for 3-5 minutes and place in the refridgerator. It will be as good as new.

7. Are these specks in my product dirt?

No, the specks are not dirt! The waters used to create the products are infused with herbs and the specks are remnants of them.

8. What forms of payment are accepted?

Lotus By Alesia accepts all major credit cards, except American Express. You may also pay using a Paypal account.

9. When will my order ship?

Please be advised that all orders are made to order. THERE IS NO SHELF INVENTORY. Our inventory is based on the number of jars/bottles that can be created with the available ingredients.

Orders generally take between 7-10 days to create and then 2-4 days to ensure the product is delivered to your home. This does not include orders placed on the during sales, weekends or Federal holidays. If there is a delay in shipping due to inventory or a high volume of orders, you will receive shipping information as soon as it is available.

10. How is shipping calculated?

The shipping price you receive is calculated according to the weight of your entire order.

 11. I didn’t receive my purchase. What now?

If you placed in order and never received your purchase, email Lotus By Alesia immediately. We will work with you to find out if your shipment has been misplaced.

 If you never received any shipping information then Lotus By Alesia will not send you out any product without proof of purchase (i.e., bank statement showing money taken from account, order number or order confirmation email).

12. Do you offer Local pickups?

No, Lotus By Alesia does not offer local pickup services.