About Lotus

Lotus By Alesia was an idea I came up with at what I consider my lowest point in life thus far. I had just been in a near death car accident, I couldn't work, I was past way past being broke and I was DEPRESSED! Every emotion that stemmed from this trying time is what birthed Lotus By Alesia. 
I had revisited this idea in my mind probably a million times before I decided to go for it plus I made these concoctions for myself. After much research as well as trial and error I created products that my friends and family grew to like and eventually love. Coming up with a name was difficult but the way in which the lotus grows seemed to fit my life perfectly. Who would have thought that this nerdy little girl from Newark, NJ would grow into a woman that inspired those coming up after her. They say nothing good comes from the Brick City well I'm here to prove that a Lotus can grow from these streets. 
The mission of Lotus is to create natural products with high quality ingredients. Every product created has just the right amount of everything including energy and love. What sets Lotus apart from the others is that every product is made fresh once the order is recieved. This is done to ensure that you reap every benefit that the product has to offer.  
Lotus is my opportunity to create a legacy for my family and a footprint in my community. Shoutout to all of you for coming along for the ride and and to the Most High for planting this seed and revealing my purpose to me.