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Hımalayan Lavender Scrub

Lotus By Alesia

Hımalayan Lavender Scrub

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This scrub is literally bomb asf! A concoction of Himalayan pink salt and skin loving carrier and essential oils to provide you with soft and moisturized skin like no other. This scrub is the perfect head to toe exfoliant! 
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Key ingredients:
Himalayan Salt to detox and exfoliate 
Coconut oil to moisturize and soften 
Essential oil blend of lemongrass, carrot seed, lavender and rosemary to fade blemishes, brighten skin and reduce inflammation. 
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Cleanse face with a cleanser of your choice
Use scrub (avoiding the eye area) in a circular motion to remove dead skin
Rinse with warm water and pat dry
You may follow up with a moisturizer of choice but trust me you won't even need to!
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