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Lets figure this out together!

Leean Thomas

Posted on February 04 2016

Lets figure this out together!

So, it’s definitely no secret that taking care of natural hair is hard work. It takes time, patience, and even a little creativity. Despite its challenges, healthy and natural hair is definitely something to celebrate. Over the years of learning to embrace my own natural kinks, there is one major thing that I have learned-- it takes time! As much as you prayed about it with your eyes shut tight during your big chop, you will not look like Solange Knowles or Corinne Bailey Rae overnight; as a matter of fact, your hair may never look like theirs. But, if you spend time taking care of your curls, developing your styling techniques, and figuring out what products work best for you, your hair will grow and you will see progress.

One of the things I underestimated as a new natural was the importance of using the right products. Some people go for expensive products that guarantee moisturized strands, no frizz and flawless curls, but I have found that sometimes the best products are super inexpensive or even made with natural everyday items. Whatever your preference is, spending time trying out different products or concoctions that you cook up in your kitchen, it is a very important part of the journey to cultivating and maintaining healthy natural hair. Some products will help you unleash your inner stylist and have you walking out of your front door looking slayed, while others will have you grabbing a hat to cover up the hot mess you created on your head. Despite the result, it is through trial and error that you will begin to understand your hair and what makes it happy.

With that said, I am very excited to share that I have been given the opportunity to try out some amazing all natural products made by the one and only Alesia of Lotus by Alesia™! Through this blog, I will be sharing the inside scoop on her new line as well as some natural hair tips and tricks that I have learned along the way. I hope these posts will help you as you explore the world of natural hair products and introduce you to the truly wonderful products that Lotus by Alesia has to offer. We are both really excited about this project. Make sure you stay tuned for lots of natural hair awesomeness!


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